Hey everyone!

My name is Dom, and I’m an A-Level student in North Wales!

In my first year of sixth form, our class was encouraged to make a WordPress site and to post our essays on here … so welcome to mine 🙂 The work I post on here is by no means perfect or even good, but if it helps someone just a little bit then I’ll be happy!

Please, have a peruse and enjoy your stay!


Dom xoxo

If you would like, follow my social media to keep up with me on a daily basis – IG: whiskeyprincesssx


I’m no longer an A-Level Literature student 😦 *collective sigh*. I know.

I sat my last ever exam yesterday and now I’m genuinely gutted! The course has been a light amongst all the dark (aka. science and maths-based A-Levels).

I’m off to University (fingers crossed) in September, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to read, analyse, write up etc., but I’m adamant to keep this going and to keep writing.

So … what do you all think of me either turning this into a more general blog (e.g. travel, University experience, and other things I enjoy doing) or perhaps adding a new one altogether?

Please, pretty please, comment or drop me a message (social media mentioned above and on site) about your thoughts/feelings!

Hope to hear from you all very soon!


Dom xo



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