Sheers and Thomas Comparison

Owen Sheers’ writing is rooted deeply within his cultural identity. Perhaps this is due to personal feelings and decisions, or maybe because of the poets that influenced him – R. S. Thomas and Dylan Thomas. He writes about the landscapes of Wales, but focuses on the people who live off the land and their daily struggles.

R. S. Thomas writes about the lives of people from his country. Seeing that the majority of his poems are focused on the harsh live on Welsh farmers, many of them have a grim mood about them.

A similarity between ‘The Airy Tomb’ and ‘Inheritance’ is that they both focus on belonging and being a part of something. Thomas writes about Twm belonging in the countryside and being a part of the Welsh farmers. Sheers concentrates on being a part of his parents and what traits they gave him. They are both also firmly rooted within Welsh farming and tradition.

One difference between the poems is that despite both of them being a biography of someone’s life, ‘Inheritance’ seems to tell the story in a much quicker a succinct way. Sheers has taken inherited traits and managed to depict a life story. However, ‘The Airy Tomb’ is written in much more detail about certain events in Twm’s life. It’s a long poem about a short life. Another difference is the mood. ‘The Airy Tomb’ is depressing, consumed by sadness and negativity. On the other hand, ‘Inheritance’ had a more positive and reflective feeling despite the sad subject. Thomas’ uses more description in the poem, including pathetic fallacy. Sheers writes in a more concise way, however still having just as much depth as Thomas.


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